Intangible Heritage

Intangible cultural heritage, transmitted from generation to generation. Here we can do an  interaction with nature and  history of Teruel.

You are going to know our legends, events and our culture!

In our city we have a large variety of gand I want to share with you:

First of all, I´m going to start with the most famous legend in my city:


True romantics know Terue is the only place where you can spend a lovely week-end with your partner.

In the XIIIth century, there where en Teruel two and wealthy families, Marcilla and Segura. Diego was a Marcilla and Isabel was a Segura.

They fell in love during their childhood. So, when they were adults, they wanted to get married. Although they  were both from nobles families, Isabel´s fathers who was the wealthiest man in Teruel, forbade de marriage. The reason was that Diego had an older brother and he was second in line and in this time only the son inheritede the family´s fortune.

However, Diego finally reached an agreement with Isabel´s father. If Diego was able to make a fortune in 5 years, Isabel´s father would allow him to marry her. So, Diego left Teruel and went to the war in order come back with a big fortune.

And during those 5 years, Isabel´s father tried to make her marry Pedro de Azagra, who was the Lord of Albarracín. But, Isabel always refused the marriage, because she had promised to wait Diego.

However, unfortunately, the day before Diego´s return, someone told Isabel that Diego had died. So, after 5 years, on the day Diego was supposed to arrive in Teruel, Isabel´s father forced  her to marry the Lord of Albarracín.

But… on the day of wedding, Diego returned, he hadn´t died. It was false!! He was a wealthy man, and he only wanted to find his beloved Isabel! And his family told him that the bells he had heard, were announcing the end of his lover´s wedding celebration

Diego´s feelings were contradictory: passion, worry, rage…

Immediately, he visited Isabel in secret and begged her for a kiss (What do you think? Did Isabel give him the kiss or not?) No… as a married woman, she was honourbound to refuge. Diego couldn´t accept her refusal and it was as if broke inside him, so he fell like a rock on the floor and he finally died!

The next day, the funeral procession was sad and silent, many people were accompaning the body of the unhappy lover. During the procession a woman with her face covered by a veil approched the body. She was Isabel and she kissed Diego, and… she fell over his body and she also died!

The people of Teruel, touched by the tragedy; decided that the couple should be laid to rest together in San Pedro´s church.

The historical documentation and records may be a bit shaky, but what does factual accuracy matter in the face of true passion?

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