Break all the predicitions when you sit at the table in Teruel! Ham, ham but with roast suckling or charcoal-grilled or tile-cooked Little lam chops.

It is said that you can use every part of the pig, and you will check it when you taste the spicy pork sausage, the highly seasoned pork sausage and the black pudding.

The marinade is famous, wich goes perfectly well with the Little stew, with the porridge or with  a good consommé with hard boiled egg, garlic and bread.

Do not rule out the game, the poultry ir a fresh trout, the excellent olive oil and the delicious cheeses.

And for dessert, the Calanda peach. It has a captivating aroma and flavor. Afterwards, you will not want to try others ones!

Anothers delicious desserts are: Mudéjar plait, wich is a pastry with nuts or if you prefer with chocolate. Lover´s sigh, wich are small cheese cakes, they are very good!!

Our sincere hand-made cookery, has a very good quality, made with love and sweetness.

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